• Please ensure that immunization records are up to date. A photocopy is required for file.
  • If your child contracts a communicable disease, call the Nursery office as soon as you definitely know what it is. We like to keep parents informed of current illnesses.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND your child to school with a bad cold, a bad cough or continual sneezing.
  • Be sure your child is healthy when returning to school.
  • Children will play outside every day with weather permitting. That will include hot and cold days. Each class will have approximately one and a half hours each morning and afternoon of play. Dress your child appropriately for the seasons.
  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL about the amount of sugar and junk food your child eats. We feel this not only has a definite effect on health, but also on self-control and the ability to learn.
  • PLEASE BE SURE your child gets enough sleep.
  • Breakfast is important and necessary for all ages and should be eaten before coming to school.

Pick Up and Drop Off

  • If you send someone other than the regular car pool driver for your child, you must notify us in writing. In an emergency situation, where someone needs to pick up your child, please call the office. For your peace of mind, and your child's safety, we will not put your child in the car with an unauthorized driver.
  • If your child is to go home for the afternoon with another child, please notify both car pool drivers and the Nursery. Please leave telephone numbers of the person.
  • Please advise friends and family to park off the round-about and be considerate of other cars.
  • Please park appropriately and not in front of the gate.
  • Please do not allow your child to open the entrance gate as it is there for protection. The gate must be locked at all times and please ensure the front door is closed. The safety of all the children is our #1 priority.

Dress Attire

  • Children learn by becoming involved. They have to see, feel, taste and smell. Becoming involved often means noise and activity. A clean, quiet child may not be a learning child. So….for a happy Nursery, please use the following clothing guidelines.
  • Simple, washable play clothes. Please do not send your child in good clothing with the admonition "Don't Get Dirty!"
  • Shorts for summer days are permissible. Hats, suncreen an insect repellent is needed.
  • In winter months, a warm jacket is required as the children will play outside every day weather permitting. Please dress them in clothing that cover their legs (ie. Long pants or tights).
  • Rain boots are needed all year round
  • Supportive shoes that allow for climbing, jumping, and running. No cowboy boots or flip flops!
  • Two extra change of clothes to be left at school
  • Label all clothing including shoes, bags, containers, etc…

Weather/Hurricane Warning

  • During hurrricane season, listen to the radio for an announcement from the Department of Education. If a decision from the Department is delayed, the school will still contact the radio station of any updates.



Open Door Policy

  • We welcome parents to bring the children into the school in the morning and collecting them in the afternoon. Parents should always feel at ease to talk to the teachers about your child's progress. Please do not hesitate to inform the Director or the teacher-in-charge of any concerns you may have.


Our teachers play an integral role to your child's development at the school and we strive to have a positive and motivating environment both for our staff and the children.

The teachers have trained in various areas, from the United States, England, The Philippines, Canada and The Bermuda College. Most of our teachers have many years of experience in the class and continued education and training seminars is encouraged for all teachers.

All staff are trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid (CPR). Adventureland teachers are nurturing, enthusiastic, creative, and provide developmentally appropriate activities in their classroom.

Most of our teachers have attended conferences in the U.S. put on by The National Association For The Education Of Young Children (NAEYC). This international association is for educators and vendors, whose goal is to provide training in the best methodology of teaching for young children. Adventureland has had representatives attend many of these conferences for over twenty seven years.