1. Communication Skills

  • Show and Tell - discussions on topics of interest and themes
  • Play acting in dramatic plays
  • Story telling
  • Circle time



2. Self Awareness

  • The child's role at home and school
  • How to relate to peers and adults
  • Learning self help skills, doing things for peers and self
  • Fostering a positive self image



3. Protecting and Conserving - Life, Health, Property and Resources

  • Safety rules in the classroom and playground
  • Fire prevention week/visit fire station/fire drill
  • The children learn how to respect adults, their peers and the nursery pets. They learn how to feed and care for the animals.
  • Health habits, washroom behaviour, general cleanliness, staying home when ill.

4. Providing Recreation

  • Playground activities - use of all equipment
  • Games - swimming, dancing, gym
  • Play activities in the classroom - painting, singing
  • Art activities - self expression and teacher guided
  • Looking at books
  • Music - learning through Kindermusik
  • All activites are free choice during free play

5. Providing Education

  • Developing vocabulary, learn to categorize, likes and differences
  • Learning skills - pasting, cutting, tracing, hammering, easel painting
  • Manipulating materials - into order or design, size, colour, shape, textures
  • Creative expression through dramatic play, drawings, movement and self expression

6. Organizing and Governing

  • Guidance from teachers and other adults
  • Obeying school rules
  • Teacher's helpers
  • Being in charge of different materials and areas
  • Self-control and awareness of other's feelings
  • Following instructions and directions

Home Page - Commitment to Excellence7. Documentation

  • Teacher's observations
  • Progress Reports
  • Readiness Evaluation for primary school

Special Activities & Events

  • Dress up parade in October
  • Field trips to the Fire station, Aquarium, Farm, Post Office and Library
  • Parent's Craft Day in December
  • Grandfather/Grandmother's Day
  • Mini Agricultural Exhibition and Hat Parade
  • Transportation activities for 3-5 year olds (Bus, ferry and train rides)
  • Sports Day
  • Class and individual professional photo day
  • Swimming Programme in July
  • Graduation Ceremony for students going into Primary school
  • Summer activities



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